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Specializing in Estate Planning, Business Succession, Tax Planning, & Family Office Services.



Natalie Perry was already a Certified Public Accountant advising closely-held businesses as a tax consultant for a nationally known accounting firm when she entered DePaul University College of Law. After graduation and admission to the Illinois Bar, Natalie practiced at several small firms before joining Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC, where she acquired a deep understanding of estate planning and administration and wealth management. In short order, she was named a partner.

In order to expand her knowledge regarding investments, she left the practice of law for a position at JP Morgan Chase as a wealth advisor. She expected the move away from practicing law would be permanent. Over the next three years, she learned the mechanics of sophisticated investing, tax strategies, and investment strategies for high-net-worth clients and trusts.  

Something, however, was missing – advising and working with clients to draft and implement their estate and tax planning. Natalie had honed her analytical, legal, accounting, and investment skills while rarely being able to interact more closely with clients and their families to help achieve their goals.  



Natalie returned to practicing law because she loves working with clients. She embraces the challenge of using a holistic approach to design and implement solutions for a wide range of issues.  In this regard, Natalie’s ability to relate and empathize with clients is as valuable as her knowledge and experience.

Natalie’s practice advises high-net-worth individuals and their families on how to creatively structure their estate plans to accomplish their wishes and goals. Natalie’s design process always includes educating clients.


One of Natalie’s most valuable skills is the ability to make the most complex estate situations and solutions easy to understand. Another is empathy. Natalie knows the planning process can be fraught with emotion. Emotions make estate planning an art form. Emotions often complicate the eventual distribution of an estate.

Natalie experienced this firsthand after the death of her mother. Her experiences ‘wrapping’ up and distributing her mother’s estate left an indelible impression that informs her every interaction with clients and their families.

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